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Frequently Answered Questions

What changes have been made to the game for 2016?
1. New Games - all players can enter the new $5m game OR the new Limited Trade game free of charge. To claim your second team, click the Second Team button on the home page. Further additional in any of the three games can be purchased for £4.99 by clicking the Extra Team button.

2. Saturday Revaluations - all player salaries are revalued once a week. From 2016, this will happen at 6pm on Saturday, instead of 6pm on Sunday as in previous years. If you set up a trade prior to the revaluation and the salary of the new player goes down at the revaluation, you will get the player at the NEW salary. If the salary goes up at the revaluation, you will still get the player at the old, lower salary.

3. Roster Page Links - on the roster page, the names of the players on your current roster will now link to the relvant CBS Sportsline player page.

4. Eligible Positions - if a player is redesignated during the season (eg a shortstop moves to become a first baseman), they will continue to be eligible to play at their old positions as well as their new position. This does not apply to players who go from being pitchers to position players, or vice versa, or to pitchers who switch between starting and closing games.

5. New Players - in previous years, new players were only added to the game once they accumulated a certain number of ABs or IPs. From now on, as soon as a new player is credited with major league stats, they will be brought straight in.

Why are some players missing from the available roster?
Players are only added to the game at each revaluation. At that point, players with major league stats are added.

What's the point of having players on the bench if the don't score points?
You do not HAVE to have players on your bench - and you can release bench players as part of any trade. However, it's arguable that it's a good idea to have bench players. Because players can be moved from the bench into the lineup at any time (not just on the Sunday trade deadline), CHEAP bench players are very valuable as you can use them to replace players who get injured midweek.

If you make good selections, your bench could cost you perhaps $250,000 - but provide valuable insurance against injuries to your stars. Remember that player values are calculated on the basis of the current year and the previous TWO - so rookies are always underpriced.

To move a player from your bench to your lineup, just select the position you want them to play from the drop down. The player in your lineup currently occupying that position will be moved to your bench instead.

One final tip - shortstops and centerfielders are particularly valuable on the bench as they can be moved to any infield or outfield position respectively.
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