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Ready Eddie Go  

Team Owner - John Borthwick

Overall Fantasy Leaders  Points
Pain in Yoenis 2461
Whowhatwhere 2440
Garibaldi Gap Hitters 2412
Sonoran Desert experience 2396
Navneet-Gurdit-Navraj 2384
Stantonomore 2366
The National Wash 2355
Ready Eddie Go Ranking: 48/668
Royals Division Leaders       Points
Ready Eddie Go 2185
Jake and Halfpint rock 2148
Howser's Pine Tar Replays 1982
Baston Blue Jays 1889
Royals Of The Rovers 1645
McColm's massive weapon 1544
Salvy Nation 1446
Outer Milan 1347
Ready Eddie Go Division Ranking: 1/8
29 March-30 September
Stats included up to 25 Apr
Ready Eddie Go Roster
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