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Jimbo’s Broncos (AAA)  
The minor league Jimbo’s Broncos team

Team Owner - James Hyde

Overall Fantasy Leaders  Points
Limited Trade League Leaders       Points
A Frican Elephant 0
Acuna Moncada 0
Astros Relaunched 0
Atlantic crossing 0
Boon or Bust 0
Bound to go on the DL 0
Bournemouth Bronx 0
Camaray Cougars II 0
Cornish Black Sox 0
Doubleday's Double Play 0
Fylde Clippers 0
Injury Cursed Limpers 0
Jimbo’s Broncos (AAA) 0
Josh’s Giants 0
Newquay mets 0
No Trade Clause 0
Rothesay Reds 0
Safeco CHANCE 0
Shooting atthe Range 0
The Limited Clan 0
The Mutts Lost His Nuts 0
Jimbo’s Broncos (AAA) Division Ranking: 13/21
29 March-31 March
Stats included up to 01 Jan
Jimbo’s Broncos (AAA) Roster
Pos Player HR H EB R RBI SB BB W SO SV IP Points
Rosters hidden until Mon 30/04/2018