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Torquay O  
2016 and 2017 reigning Orioles division champion. This year I am going for the triple. Torquay O's 2018 Awards MVP: Mike Trout Cy Young: Luis Severino Rookie Of The Year: Juan Soto

Team Owner - James Baillie

Overall Fantasy Leaders  Points
boabs braves 15277
Stantonomore 15204
Sure Thing Falling 15119
Whowhatwhere 15058
Flux Capacitors 15056
Swing Both Ways 14873
Tube Monkey 14773
Torquay O Ranking: 41/689
Orioles Division Leaders       Points
Torquay O 14034
mfsavage 12768
Opps I Did It Again 12720
Dust bunnies 11904
Blair O's 11798
Grainger’s Rangers 11451
Scunthorpe Orioles 8345
Glasgow Grey Sox 7387
A late dinner 4892
Torquay O Division Ranking: 1/9
29 March-30 September
Stats included up to 30 Oct
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